Liz Wolf: Horse

Fetish Series

The Horse Fetish Sculptures are similar in shape and form to ancient stone and clay fetishes that have been unearthed throughout the ages. There was no need to capture realism in the making of these pieces but instead to capture the magic that the animal possessed. When the  horse was introduced to man it changed his life forever. Man became one with the horse and could fly through the air and journey to new places, awakening new freedom and strength. This is the horsepower of the "Horse Fetish"

-Liz Wolf

The Horse Fetish pieces were made by Randy Walker, at Liz’s direction,with Raven Skyriver and Kelly O’Dell assisting, in the Pilchuck hot shop. Liz was present the entire time.  If you look closely at some of the photos of Horse Fetish at Pilchuck, you’ll see photos of other horse fetishes Liz made of clay and wax.

Mary Childs Gallery & Projects

Artist Statement

"Born in Duluth, MN, I spent my youth in the Twin Cities. As far back as I can remember, art, beauty and the spirit world intertwined with my everyday life.

Animals, trees, stones, even my dolls had their own spirit through which I could communicate with them. It was from this early age that I knew I was born an artist.

I went on to receive my BFA and MFA in sculpture at Northern Illinois University. Today, I am a sculptor creating figurative and animal forms, even combining the two.

I would describe my sculptures as having a quietness about them and a spirit within them. This spirit "within" is a very important aspect to my work.

There is a term "animism" which is derived from the Latin word "animi" meaning breath or soul. Animism is one of mans oldest beliefs, that in every object a spirit or soul exists.

I believe my artwork has breath, soul and a story to tell. You need only to listen. Today we have little time for mystery and spiritual quality in our lives.

I want to keep the magic alive and living in my art. To make this happen we must pay attention to all that surrounds us, whether it be an animal, the ocean, a flower or the wind.

They are here to teach us many things and to share their spirit with us. For the past 16 years I have been very fortunate to live in Santa Fe, NM where the beauty and creativity is so abundant.

I love where my path is taking me and I love being an artist, and now it is time for me to let my sculptures speak to you."

~ Liz Wolf