Hib Sabin

This stunning sculpture was created at the Pilchuck School with a team of some of the most talented glassblowers and sculptors today:
Randy Walker, Ross Richmond, Kelly O'Dell, Raven Skyriver, Niko Dimitrijevic, Hib Sabin, Kim Goldfarb, and Peter Wright

"My Goal is not to create a mythology, but to bring past and present together in a multi dimensional form that speaks to its mystery. What is the spirit of a bird and the power within it? To convey this artistically is to bring the physical and spiritual together in a (sculpture) that has power. What is the essence of this power and what does it mean to connect with it in its most primitive, archetypal sense? For the answers to this I turn to the mythologies of the world, for it is they that have the potential to divulge the mystery of these immortal characters."  - Hib Sabin

Mary Childs Gallery & Projects