Studio Visits !

August 7, 2014

This week was filled with studio visits to three talented artists who now call the Berkshires home: Metal Sculptor Joe Wheaton, Glass Artist and sculptor William Carlson and painter Harriette Joffe.

Wheaton and Carlson are submitting work for inclusion in the

newly planned Sculpure and Wine Garden at Duncan McClellan Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL, opening in January, 2015.

Laura Donefer and Rebecca Childs at Bizen, Great Barrington

Mary Childs Gallery & Projects

7/19, 2014: In FuLL SWING!

Summer has finally come to the Berkshires, with Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow, Berkshire Theater Festival and Barrington Stage all open for the season and the Mahaiwe, the Colonial, and many other performance venues booked with enticing performers and great shows of all kinds. The lakes are full of children enjoying the summer, and everywhere the Berkshire foliage is lush and green.

In the gallery, sales are brisk and we are seeing people from all over the world stopping by.  

7/3, 2014: Summer Kickoff!

The summer has started with a busy week in Great Barrington. Here at the gallery sales and interest have been brisk, with "Old Souls" by Hib Sabin sold before it was unpacked, sales of work by Martin and Erik Demaine and Alexis Silk. Wall pieces by St. Petersburg artist Catherine Wood went on a site visit, and we were graced with an afternoon visiting with Laura Donefer, who brought her dramatic energy to the Berkshires, along with Thunder, lightening, and heavy rain!